Let Us Talk About Suicide for a Moment

The thought that you no longer want to be here is quite a common feeling. If you are shocked at the levels of suicide in the world, you would be so much more shocked if it was actually an easy thing to accomplish. If there was a single pill you could take that would result in you falling asleep and never waking up again there would be millions of people taking that pill every day.

Is it wrong to have thoughts of suicide?

No, it’s not wrong to think about it. I feel most people in life have times of depression that have them contemplate it. The people who break hearts all around the world are the people who research the subject, who plan it, and succeed at it.

If you are a person that has been left behind, please forgive yourself; there is nothing that you could have done. At present my brother is in a deep depression and I know if I woke him up right now and told him I had a suicide pill he would take it right away.

I guess that many people get upset that their friends have taken their own life. If their friend was on an anti-depressant and still took their own life – I can’t really think of much more that you could have done for them.

I have found in 25 years of battling suicidal depression that my best defence is being busy and having a reason to live. I make videos each week and I write Christian books – I publish about one new book per month and this gives me a measure of hope; but my brother only watches TV and selected YouTube videos each day. He really has no desire to live.

I think that faith helps, and its good to know God, but even then many people who know God take their own lives. In fact, I have found being a Christian makes me desire going to heaven sooner though suicide even more.

I pray for you and your loved ones that are battling. Just remember that people don’t kill themselves – suicidal depression kills people!

Many people take the blame for their loved ones leaving this earth too soon, but it really isn’t their fault that the person has left. If you are in this position and find yourself blaming yourself, take it from me, as a person that has wanted to kill themselves multiple times. You are not to blame!