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Does Chelation Remove Plaque from Arteries?

Heart disease is a severe concern in the United States. About 18.2 million American adults suffer from coronary heart disease, which occurs when plaque prevents the arteries from delivering enough …

Back Pain

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Chronic Refractory Myofascial Pain and Denervation Supersensitivity As Global Public Health Disease

CASE HISTORY A 63 year old successful entrepreneur/mountaineer suffered disabling chronic LBP and left buttock pain after an 8 feet (2.4 metres) fall in 2011 with pain aggravation 5 months …

Dental Care

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Common Restorative Dental Procedures

You have been trying to make it to the dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and check-up. However, life gets busy and those bi-annual dentist visits gets pushed …

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Skin Care

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Laser Treatment For Visible Spider And Thread Veins On The Face

We all want beautiful skin but sometimes that doesn’t come easily. It takes a lot of time to keep up a flawless complexion, and working hard at having a clean, …


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5 Signs You May Need a Vitamin D Supplement

If you’ve ever heard the term “winter blues” than you are already familiar with a lack of vitamin D and just didn’t know it. Vitamin D, also known as the …